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Two Men in Manhattan (1959)

twomenMelville attempted to make a New Wave movie and didn’t quite succeed. A French diplomat disappears a reporter Moreau (Jean-Pierre Melville) and his alcoholic photographer friend Delmas try to find him They start their search by trying to find three women he has been photographed with.

When they finally do find him, dead in one of the woman’s apartments from a heart attack, Moreau’s boss wants to cover up the Resistance hero’s discretions (he had a wife).  Delmas wants to sell the photos he took, but has a change of heart.

Melville loved New York, and I’m sure he loved playing a detective-like character in a noir-like movie, as he tries to solve a mystery in the streets on New York.

Melville used most amateur actors and the plot was only fair. Two years later he would make Léon Morin, Priest , but then would go on to make the crime and resistance movies for which he is most famous.

Deux hommes dans Manhattan had a nice look to it, but overall the movie was just fair.